Scammers use internet to take money from women with false love

An alert to women seeking a partner on the internet. Behind promises of love and passionate statements may be a scammer wanting easy money.
Successful women, respected professionals, intelligent, and with one thing in common: they fell in the stroke of the foreigner in love.

"I saw a photo of a man who left a message in Portuguese. And I found it interesting. He identified himself as from London. He found me a very beautiful person. He was handsome, handsome, too. We started to relate as if we were dating, "says one of the victims.

These two psychologists, victims of the coup, do not want to identify. They are ashamed of being deceived. But the scammers are engaging.

We will call them, in this report, Ana and Marina - two fictitious names.
"That time would come, I would turn on the computer and he was waiting for me, saying: 'My dear, my angel, I miss you, you are the woman of my life, I can not wait to meet you in person, Relates Ana.

"The profile of these people who end up getting involved in the Internet comes from this profile of people who want and who have the will to have these relationships where nothing is imperfect," says psychologist Andrea Jotta.

"He would also put his daughter to talk to me on the phone. Some child he said was a daughter, "recalls Ana.

Marina: I talked to the girl twice. She asked if she was going to be my daughter.
Fantastic: That touched you, right?
Marina: That touched me. Possibility of having a daughter, touched me, yes. He knew how to get involved.

Behind such passionate English is a gang specializing in extorting money from women. To communicate in Portuguese, they use the internet's own translation tool. Once they realize that the victim is involved, they invent some history to ask for an advance and promise to come to Brazil and return the money.

"He told me that he had an inheritance to receive from his father, but the condition was that he should be married. He asked me to marry him and he started the process, "Marina explains.

Ana: Then I did ...
Fantastic: Did you make the first shipment?
Ana: I made the first shipment of $ 1,000 that he had asked for. I sent another shipment of four thousand and a few dollars to him and his daughter. Then the next day he said, 'Look, I need more money.' So I ended up sending one more shipment of $ 3,800. I know that, in total, it was $ 11,400.

Fantastic: How much did you transfer in total?
Marina: Around R $ 102 thousand.

"Some in some way end up paying or surrendering out of fear or fear that that being on the other side will suddenly disappear. There is a gap there in this emotional that does not want to believe that it will cease to exist, "says psychologist Andrea Jotta.

In the interior of São Paulo, Luiza - who also uses fictitious name - was looked for by a coup, but distrusted.

"I noticed on the social network that he was looking for mature, not young, women. So, I already called the facts, "explains Luiza.

She asked for help from an Internet security expert.

The two set a trap for the scammer: he would have to give the address of an email to be tracked, but the false suitor did not fall and asked if she wanted to take him to the police.
Fantastic: How many such cases have you had? Of women who suffer this type of extortion?
Wanderson Castilho (digital security expert): I've had more than 200 cases. They have a lot of technological knowledge and are very knowledgeable about the human relationship. And then he manages to create that sentimental bond. Leave the victim blind and they ask for everything they want.

"Send flowers, send gifts. Which woman does not like to get flowers or gifts? ", Argues Luiza.

Fantastic: Where are these gangs from?
Wanderson Castilho: There are several gangs scattered around the world, but the most focused are in Africa. Nigeria specifically. This email came from the suspects to a victim. He was said to be from London. What we're going to do now is track this email. The email said he was leaving London. He's actually leaving Nigeria, Lagos. Here is the location where the email came from.
Fantastic: Is it advisable to look for the police in such a case?
Wanderson Castilho: I do not know any authority that has been able to make a kind of arrest here.

In order not to fall in the blow, one must be aware of some tips:
- Identify where the friendship invitation came from if it knows someone on your social network.
- Be wary of anyone who does not want to appear on the camera or talk on the phone.
- Keep all the messages and reread carefully the history in search of some lie or contradiction.

Fantastic: I mean, it affected your emotional, emotional, everything ...
Ana: Uhum
Fantastic: Financial ...
Ana: Financial, emotional ...
Fantastic: Professional, everything ...
Ana: Professional. Every month I pay this debt, because bank interest is very high