Client: a private individual

Revenge porn through a fake profile

Classic case: one of the partners is not able to accept the end of the relationship and decides to display private images of the other partner, usually through fake profiles in social media. Hundreds of similar cases have been solved by Enetsec team – which is able to identify the attacker’s profiles and to assist the victim for minimizing the effects of the incident. 

Threats of displaying personal content in exchange of having online sex
This is an international case: the agressor claimed to be a hacker, hijacking the victim’s passwords, pinpointing personal content that was archived in the victim’s  email inbox, and demanding online sex in exchange of not publishing intimate content. Technically supporting the police, Enetsec has helped with identifying the attacker’s real name and location. The perpetrator has been arrested outside of Brazil and should be in detention for some time. 

Fast removal of defamatory content
A young man has been filmed in a moment of mental crisis, due to a lack of medication, and the video has gone viral, with over 800 thousand views. Enetsec has removed the content from the internet, extra judicially and very promptly, locating people who were responsible for filming and posting it, and they should be accountable for the damage.